Benefit from compliant, secure legal research formats.

LexisNexis can help you contain research costs and reduce risk of inmate litigation while keeping your facility in compliance with specific state mandates.

Our security team works around the clock to assess threats and promptly shut down any pages with suspicious activity.

When doing legal research, the results are only as good as the content you’re searching. When compared to other providers, LexisNexis helps users get highly dependable results and clearly determine whether case law is still valid.

Providing your prison population with proper access to legal research is part of your ongoing commitment to the rule of law. With access to the LexisNexis services, users in your facility benefit from dependable tools and a vast legal content collection, including state-specific materials.

Choose from the following online and offline options that provide the content you need.

Custom Interface (online)
Harness 24/7 content updates and convenient features with the LexisNexis flagship web-based solution, providing multilayered security in an easy-to-navigate interface designed specifically for inmates.

Instead of using IDs and passwords, secure inmate access restrictions are based on specific IP address. Searching and hyperlinks are restricted to LexisNexis content and documents. This option does not permit access to web pages external to LexisNexis web pages, “emailto” links or pop-ups. Plus, LexisNexis engineers provide 24/7 monitoring for unusual activity.

External Hard Drive (EHD)
The LexisNexis EHD option gives you a portable, cost-effective way to provide inmates access to case law. Quickly connect to or disconnect from your network or kiosk without special IT support. No internet connection needed.

Print Titles
LexisNexis® Matthew Bender® traditional print libraries cover a wide variety of subject matter, including analysis and insight into every aspect of investigation, prosecution and defense for every type of criminal case.